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July 12, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Body Shop

Falcon Studios are back and they’re going in for a service with their new feature – and I mean a full service. Director Tony DiMarco transports viewers to a very different type of Body Shop, that’ll seriously make you want a good tune-up.

Porn superstars including Erik Rhodes, Landon Conrad and Marc Dylan are all signed up for the work, as well as a host of other muscled grease monkeys.

Chris Tyler and Brian Bonds make for an attractive couple in scene two. Needing a break from all his manual labor, Tyler checks in on Bonds and gets his attention by jerking his tool. Bonds is quickly on his knees to service his buddy before the duo fuck all over the shop.

If you think they’re frisky, you should see Rhodes and Trenton Ducati in their hot flip-flop fuck that closes out the film.

These guys simply can’t wait to go at each other. Erik drapes his muscular body over the hood of a car and props his bubble butt up, exposing his tight puckered asshole for his buddy to pound. Then the tables are turned as the late muscle stud returns the favor.

Watch the full movie here.

July 10, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Pulling Out is for Porn 3

I was first introduced to Bareback RT back in 2011 with the release of the first Pulling Out is for Porn film.

For avid supporters of the condomless cock action, the opening entry to the series proved that they could execute all its promises when it came to the bareback genre. Their mantra went something along the lines of: When you’re fucking a hot ass raw and you’re ready to shoot your load, you don’t pull your cock out to see the cum – thus the title.

This premise is much the same in this, its third hardcore film holding the name. We’ve got guys pounding semen in as deep as they can followed by their faithful pig bottom pushing it out for both their and our presumed pleasure.

Yes, cream pies are back on the menu and this one is serving up four big portions for you bareback fans to devour in one hit. This of course calls for some very talented bottoms – which there are in this title. Our talented piggy in scene three was a particular favorite in terms of jizz play.

Most of the guys are fairly young, but for those looking for a rougher-type pig bottom, don’t miss the concluding chapter with a truly manly, tattooed bottom on the receiving end of some delicious cum.

Watch the full movie here.

June 28, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Semen Demon


There’s so much cum flying around in this bareback  title that it must have taken the on-set team days to do a proper clean up – though the ensemble of twinks don’t do such a bad job vacuuming it up themselves.

This epic 15-scene, two-hour release leaves little to the imagination and celebrates semen in its many forms, including cum guzzling and facials, not to mention bukkake madness in some of the film’s orgy scenes – of which there are quite a few.

Bareback Inc. are the bareback masters behind this film. They’re the guys behind releases such as Bare Back Piss Fuck, Soccer Sluts and Epic Orgy - all of which are filled with the most extreme sex-loving twinks in the business. This title is no different.

You’ll find the hot threeways (scenes two, nine and ten for example) just as good as the group scenes – though seeing that many twinks blow is undoubtedly a highlight.

Don’t miss the passionate one-on-one in scene four though, the ripped duo engage in some incredible bareback ass-banging with their muscles flexing as they grind into each other throughout the encounter.

Watch the full movie here.

June 22, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Picture Perfect

Falcon Studios loves a good shoot – don’t we all – and they’ve centered their new new release around the studio of erotic photographer Dylan Roberts who’s got his hands on some hot models to play with.

The opening photo shoot is between Charlie Harding and Johnny Rider – apparently a wrestling duo who are happy to play out exactly as directed by their happy snapper.

It’s not long before this seemingly harmless shoot takes a turn and Charlie goes down to suck his opponent’s big tool. Johnny does the same when it’s his turn to try and overwhelm his partner with oral skills.

In a truly stunning display, Johnny squats over Charlie’s face for a good ol’ tongue fuck before Charlie shoves his cock in Johnny’s ass and he screws it furiously in a variety of positions. Don’t miss Johnny getting blasted in the face by Charlie’s load at the climax.

Marc Dylan  and Topher DiMaggio shouldn’t be missed in scene three either. On his back, Marc yields his hole to Topher, who fucks him forcefully.

Both men grunt and groan as the action ramps up until Topher withdraws and splatters Marc’s back with spooge. Then, with Topher pinching his hot nipples, Marc strokes his pole until he finally climaxes with a burst of cum.

Watch the full movie here.

June 16, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: 3D Belami

Shot on location in Ibiza, Spain, this bareback title from European powerhouse Bel Ami was filmed to be the first 3D Blu-ray gay porn ever. So, as you might imagine, while you can’t view the unparallelled experience it offers without a 3D TV and Blu-ray player, the quality of content itself is top notch.

Starring studio staples such as Dario Dolce, Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell and Dolph Lambert, this really is a massive release from the smooth flesh both in terms of star power and scale – putting aside post-production values.

Lambert and Jack Harrer‘s one-on-one in scene three is by far the most lust-worthy encounter of the film. Set beside a stunning pool forest vista, it’s beauty personified both in the foreground and background.

Lambert again proves why he’s one of the hottest pieces of property in the business. His flawless body, on-screen performance and confidence are an invaluable asset to any release.

In this coupling he really works Harrer’s ass after the pair take a swim and engage in some foreplay. How Harrer is able to hold off blowing his load for that long while that perfect specimen hovers over him is anyone’s guess.

Scene two’s pairing of Harris Hilton and Jim Kerouac shouldn’t be overlooked either – they have great chemistry in their bareback couch fuck.

Fans of more muscled performers will also enjoy Kris and Dario’s concluding scene.

Watch the full movie here.

June 07, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Gentlemen Volume 3: Executives

If you hadn’t noticed of late, the corporate cock is in! That’s right, fruits in suits is the new cowboy for gay porn and Lucas Entertainment was one of the first of the mark with their 2011 release Executives, part of the Gentlemen series.

It’s not hard to understand the fetish; powerful men demanding sex on the spot, the act of the reveal, the taboo of office sexual encounters. The formula is certainly all there.

Lucas has thrown some major stars, such as Rafael AlencarAvi Dar, Marc DylanValentin Petrov and Robert Van Damme into the mix to make sure it pins its audience down as much as these muscle tops do.

The opening scene is a doozy with both Marc Dylan and Avi Dar teaming up for a hot corporate fuck.

Dylan, playing the role of a young businessman, unites with his high-class neighbor (Dar). They eye each other up in the hallway and begin their walk up the stairwell. They head to Avi’s apartment after a hot snog, where the Israeli executive slams Marc against the wall, undoes his pants, and slides his dick down his throat.

Avi then flips him around to lick the tight hole between his hairy ass cheeks. Marc obviously likes submitting to other powerful men, and Avi takes the lead.

While still in the hallway, Avi undoes his suit, turns Marc around, and buries his dick deep inside. Marc looks barely able to take it as Avi penetrates the power-bottom’s high-powered hole.

Mitch Branson and Kyle King also deliver a fine performance in scene four.

Mitch plays a CEO who enjoys abusing his power. Calling Kyle into his office, Mitch talks business before getting to pleasure.

Before long, Mitch is incapable of getting enough of slapping the round cheeks of Kyle’s amazing butt and then fingers his tight, innocent hole.

Kyle moans and groans as Mitch rams him with his cock and as they’re fucking, Mitch unbuttons his shirt and reveals his sculpted, ripped torso.

The scene switches and Kyle takes control Mitch’s ass for himself. Mitch hops on top of Kyle’s cock and rides him, giving over some power until they both explode cum.

Watch the full movie here.

May 31, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Bareback Star Lito Cruz

There’d be few who wouldn’t recognise Lito Cruz  by face, but there’d be even fewer that didn’t recognise his famous mammoth cock.

The porn star has teamed up with Dirty Dawg Productions and director Patrik Kohl for this 100-minute extravaganza of condomless mega cock, featuring him in every scene.

The well-hung gay porn star from Buenos Aires – who can be recognised by his soul patch and a Superman tattoo on his left upper chest when his monster cock’s not out – has been in the industry since 2008 and appeared in dozens of films, often associated with his big dick and/or pissing/fetish related scenes.

Of course, it’s bareback gay cinema that he’s best known for and this is certainly a title dominated by raw action with a feast of fellow mature hotties like Chad Brock and Colin Steele - who aren’t lacking in star power themselves.

Cruz’s opening scene is a fantastic start to the action with the extra manly bottom making the one-on-one ooze with masculinity. There’s also some fantastic rimming action to prep Brock’s hole for the onslaught before Cruz shoves his slab of meat in.

The star’s threeway with Steele and Lee Denim rounds out the film and you can expect it to climax with one hell of an explosion of cum as the movie’s final scene.

Watch the full movie here.

May 24, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Breeding Boy Cunts

Well, if you like your bareback porn gritty, you really are going to be hard pressed finding one more so than Breeding Boy Cunts.

Fans of mature muscle daddies are also in for a treat with this title from Slut Machine. It’s DILF-filled content with young guys on the receiving end of some seriously big, raw daddy cock.

Raw sex icons like Dominik Rider and Dan Fisk once again show why they’re some of the hottest bareback performers in the business, as they join the ensemble of rough tops looking to slam some boy pussy.

Fisk’s encounter with a horny young bottom boy in scene six is a particular highlight. He really lets the smooth and ripped piggy have it, and there’s a fantastic chemistry between- especially when Fisk asks him if he likes “daddy’s cock”.

You  can tell this kid just loves to get dominated, and he cops a pounding from his older buddy’s stiff tool.

It’s as filthy and fucking hot as it gets in bareback cinema. Definitely one not to miss.

>Watch the full movie here.

May 21, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Impaler

Slut Machine have quickly risen to the ranks of serious contenders in bareback, especially in the area of raw (pardon the pun), gritty condomless features.

With Impaler, the studio have compiled the best of relatively recent bareback convert Antonio Biaggi. They’re particularly well placed to do so given they basically helped introduce him to his new legion of raw sex fans with his various appearances.

They’ve racked up over three hours of his hottest breeding best; from interracial threeways, through to good ol’ fashion butt-breaking one-on-one encounters.

It’s amazing to think of the journey Biaggi’s taken since getting his real start in the safe-sex industry as a Raging Stallion Studios exclusive. The hung Latino hottie is now racking up bareback appearances with the who’s who of condomless cock providers including Dark Alley Media, SX Video, Treasure Island Media and Red Stag Video.

You’re going to love seeing him demolish boy ass in the intergenerational encounters in this film, such as six and seven.

The film’s Latino/Black/White threeway scene (scene three) also shows why it was never going to be left out of a best-of compilation.

Watch the full movie here.

May 10, 2012 :: Cooper’s Gay Porn Review: Hungover

The title’s so ingeniously simple that you can’t help but love this new release by Falcon Studios  right off the bat – nor wonder why some other studio hadn’t capitalized on the tongue-in-check name earlier.

It’s all about orgies for the big-name studio this time around. Whether it be a group blow-bang – which starts the film – or the all-out fuckfest that concludes the release, you can certainly be assured of a buffet of buff hotties to choose from.

The one-on-one, threeway and oral orgy scenes are equally entertaining, but let’s loose the facade and skip right to the scene that’ll be your first port of call before exploring the rest of the film.

In the big anal orgy scene Chris Tyler and his band of brothers are all keen to get down and dirty before Tyler heads out on another deployment. Dylan Hauser is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the horny hotties on hand.

It’s bottoms up for  Tyler and Parker London as they yield their assholes to Spencer Fox and Conner Maguire  respectively, while Dylan Hauser does double duty getting fucked by Jimmy Durano in his hole and  Landon Conrad down his gullet.

Things get real crazy when first Dylan and then Chris get gangbanged. And to make sure Chris gets the send-off he deserves, all his friends salute him with shots of cum.

It’s one of Falcon’s biggest group sex titles in a while, and one not to be missed.

Watch the full movie here.

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